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PUR cable emerges as a reliable and innovative connection solution in our world. The versatility, durability, and resistance to harsh conditions make PUR cable indispensable across diverse industries. Whether it is automotive applications, robotics, medical devices, outdoor installations, consumer electronics, or specialized sectors, PUR cable delivers exceptional performance. With its ability to withstand extreme environments and ensure uninterrupted connectivity, PUR cable is driving technological advancements and powering a superior industry development.

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Ultra Flexible Chain Cable

UL20549 Flexible PUR Cable

UL20549 Flexible PUR Cable, rated temperature 80 deg C, and voltage 300V, is suitable for the use of appliances wiring and drag chain system.

  • Quality Polyurethane PUR jacket with tear resistance and wear resistance.
  • Application: appliances wiring and drag chain system.
  • Conductor size: 32AWG minimum.
  • Insulation material: AWM complying materials.
  • Bending Radius: 5 x cable diameter
  • For E-chains use life: over 15 million cycles.

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Medical Application

In the healthcare industry, PUR cable is instrumental in advancing medical device technologies. PUR cable plays a crucial role in devices such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, patient monitoring equipment, and surgical instruments. PUR cable provides electromagnetic compatibility, ensuring accurate data transmission and reducing the risk of interference. Additionally, the biocompatibility and resistance to sterilization methods makes PUR cable indispensable in critical medical settings.

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